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Friday, October 5, 2012

On Kitchen Decisions (Countertops & Backsplash)

The kitchen is coming along...
Very (VERY) Slowly...

Cabinets are in and painted (but without doors until next week)
Undercabinet lights (LED) are in.  Haven't picked lights for ceiling but not in a rush.
I am not going to put pictures on until the doors are on!

We've decided on butcher block countertops for several reasons:
  1. They are pretty
  2. The green factor (we'll use an oil finish and use a company that uses sustainable woods etc.)
  3. Toughness factor- just have to sand to get dings and such out 
  4. It's pretty cheap 

Not sure about the countertop for the island though.  I wanted something I could roll dough on, that was cooler like steel or marble but the prices I'm finding are crazy! 

Trying to decide on a backsplash now.
I want recycled glass tiles I think.  Maybe some handmade tiles for accent.  To keep costs down this is the way to go.  I found glass tile from $3-$9 per square foot which isn't bad.
For the glass I'm waiting on some samples from a company we used for our bath remodel in our current house (we used Hakatai Emerald blend and it's beautiful.)  LOVE their tile and it wasn't expensive.  Also considering ordering from myknobs.com if the shipping ends up being cheaper.
The handmade accent tiles I've found on etsy and on earthsongtiles.com I really like.
Debating these now:

Handmade Tiles from www.earthsongtiles.com


storm96723 said...

Love the color of those tiles, especially the bottom right ones. Have a great weekend. :)

Michelle Shellabarger said...

Thanks! You too!

anotherjennifer said...

I love the simplicity of the brick style glass tiles. I can't wait to be able to do my kitchen. Good luck!

Unknown Mami said...

I might want to move into your kitchen.

Anonymous said...

all of the backsplash tiles are so pretty! I can't wait to see the end result!

Eva Gallant said...

Love the different tiles. I'll bet your kitchen will be beautiful when it's done. I just stopped by from SITS to say hello; hope you find time to do the same.

Cristina Garay said...

I love kitchen renovations! Can't wait to see yours! I love glass tiles, for me less is more!

Van said...

I looove those color combos. I will always be a sucker for blues and greens like that, very earthy, happy colors.

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