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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On Cotton Candy Apple Fun

Yesterday the boys were out of school 
it was $1 day at the Arkansas State Fair! 
(Guess what we did?)

Jac showing off his Heifer Int. T-shirt with a friend


April said...

Wow...that's a bargain! Seems like anytime we've gone to the fair, it's cost way too much, in my opinion. I love going just to people watch. I used to go to the Ark. State Fair every year with the FHA...good times!

Sara Ivy said...

I love fairs.

Stopping by from SITS,

Katie Hale said...

Hi! ::waves::
Funny how I found your blog...but...my fella Larry works for your hubby Scott! Sitting at the PyArkansas conference this weekend I was talking about my blog and he mentioned his wife blogged. I looked you up and voila! Love it!! :) Definitely will be following you!

:) Nice to "meet" the lady behind the man who employs my man!!!

MJ Shellabarger said...

Nice to "meet" you Katie!

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