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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On Strange Coincidences?

We bought a "new" house last week!  
1930's Bungalow house in North Little Rock, AR

It's a historic 1930 craftsman a few blocks from our house.
The coolest part is that it sits on three full lots (which means awesome garden!)
We're really excited to start work on the house- keeping it original, green, and yet functional for a modern family! 
I've been doing research for the historic tax program and got some background information from the NLR Historic Commission.   Last night Scott was doing some research on the original owner, and the first picture that popped up on the net was...
A picture of Scott's great-grandparents!  
From "The Guardian" March 30th, 1945

How strange of a coincidence is that?  

(It ended up there was an ad for the man's business on the same page of the paper.)
I call it fate. 


April said...

Wow...that is really weird, Michelle...and I think you said it perfectly!

Ashley said...

Sounds like fate to me! Stopping by from SITS, love the uniquness of your blog header :)

panamamama said...

Thanks, Ashley! I made the header on Picnik.

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