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Saturday, January 21, 2012

No more Picniks?

I just found out that my favorite website Picnik will be closing in April! 

I adore Picnik (an online editing site-think photoshop) and have made some neat things with it, like my blog headers,
 and these:

Collage for November 2010

Before and After - Book Organizing

My "Balance" picture

Before and After- Kitchen Clean out

Header for Recipe (Recetas) Page

Easter Card- Outside

Not sure why they are closing,  but they said they will refund my premium membership which makes me feel no better honestly...
The only good news is that they are giving everyone Premium Membership for free until they close in April.  So, if you haven't tried Picnik, get on over and make some fun before it's gone forever! 
(I am going to be busy!  Think I'm gonna make a month collage for the past few years at least!)



ohh noo!!! thanks for telling us this because i would've never know! i am going to make as much stuff as i can lol


Unknown Mami said...

They are closing because google is determined to force everyone into google+. Supposedly they are going to offer photo-editing via google+ now. They are driving me crazy with all of their changes.

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