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Friday, December 2, 2011

On Being Quiet and Thankful

Thanksgiving the kids begged us to go to "the cabin" again.  
Of course, all the (2) cabins where we'd gone before were taken already
the owner said "I do have one new one I don't rent much you can have."
The kids were out the entire Thanksgiving week (something to be thankful for!) 
so we took off into the mountains!

Reality Ridge Cabin in Murray Community

Pretty Field on the Drive Up
Road to Cabin

Neat Gulley with Lots of Fossils

Table Set for Thanksgiving

Misty View from Wrap-Around Deck
Thankful for:
  • Seeing lots of deer and hearing elk
  • The kids hiking, hunting for ancient sea fossils, playing games together, making zombie movies...
  • Our dog, Cole was thankful for- No Leash!  
  • Don't think any of us wanted to come home.  
  • No internet, TV reception, or cell service (which was WONDERFUL. We love these kinds of peaceful trips.  You realize how much you DON'T need and what is important.  The hardest part is learning to be quiet and relax.)
  • Outings to Jasper to eat, buy a puzzle,  and visit Emma's Junk Museum (a great junk store!)
  • Hiking Lost Valley to the waterfall.  
  • Living in Arkansas-such a beautiful state!
  • Painting together on a rainy day
  • My kids and my wonderful guy


Caren with a "C" said...

Sounds like a nice break from "reality". We all need those. We like to do puzzles on Thanksgiving. My family isn't much into watching football, although they enjoy a good movie together. - Caren with a "C" PreservingHomeBasics.com

Sandra said...

I admit, I'm not outdoorsy at all. This post totally made me crave a good hike out in the woods. Beautiful scenery and the entire weekend sounding completely decadent! Good for you for "unplugging."

April said...

We love getting away from the "big city life" and staying in a cabin up in the mountains. It gives us the opportunity to really re-connect as a family and I love every minute of it!

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