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Monday, August 22, 2011

Terra Road Trip

I'm so behind on everything lately...
School started for my kids back in early July. Then, my oldest
decided she wanted to try a private girl's school so we had another first
day of high school last Monday.  And of course, I took pictures of none.  (Bad, bad, mommy.)
I will have to make pretend ones and pose them this week...

Thought I'd show you some pictures of a road trip my honey and I took to Fayetteville in July.
We met in Fayetteville at the good old U of A many moons ago.  (Where my parents also met.)  
It was a fast and furious business trip but we managed to have fun!
Sculpture Gardens at Terra Studios

There is a place called Terra Studios on the way down the "Pig Trail" that I'd always wanted to go to when I was in college, so we went.  They make those little "Blue Birds of Happiness" out of blown glass?  It was set up as an artist colony long ago and has a ceramic, metal, and glass studios, along with a really fun store and cafe. In the store you can watch them blow the glass bluebirds.  I think it was 115 degrees the day we went and the poor guy was out there blowing glass!
I Think I Want To Live Here
With This Guy
Troll Family We Met

Fat & Happy Dragon

Fancy Fountain

It's Hard to Take a Picture of Butterflies

Scuba Tanks Into Chimes

Lovely Lady

My Friend the Trash Troll
My kids would love this place! 

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Unknown Mami said...

That troll family is delightful.

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