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Monday, July 11, 2011

On Ballgames and Hot Nights

Wow.  It's hot in Arkansas.  
We have tried to stay inside but couldn't stand it any longer
and ventured out to see our local team, The Arkansas Travelers, play Frisco last night.  
Go Travs!
 Here are a few shots of my over-heated kids all sugared up on cotton candy 
(which they aren't supposed to have,) 
frozen lemonade, popcorn, and peanuts...
Enjoying the forbidden

Ice Rings

Cracking up at Dad's Heckling

Arrows to Show Us The Way to the Car  (Chalk is a Handy Thing)
When we came out of the game it was probably 9 PM (almost dark) and the car thermometer said 104!
School starts this week and we are all in mourning.


Dawn said...

Wow, your schools start early! We would be in mourning too! Looks like a fun time. My kids made it to one game here and had a blast too--lots of cotton candy.

panamamama said...

Dawn, they go to a year round school so they only get 4 wks in the summer. I used to homeschool so it's strange, but nice in a way because we get longer breaks at holidays and a fall break which is really nice.

Jerusalem said...

it is sooo hot. too hot. for that reason I am glad we are back to school. we can play at the end of september when it is only in the 90's!

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