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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Angels Watching Over Us...

We had a beautiful day at Lake Ouachita on Sunday,
 Boating, Picnicking, Swimming, Exploring...

Boys Swimming
Pretty Cove

Until Max fell off a rocky hill about 15 feet down
and hit the rocks ALL THE WAY DOWN into 50 feet of water.
I've never seen so much blood.

Waiting on Stitches (Cleaned up Version)

And we had to high-tail it to the marina and then to the ER. 

5 hours, 5 Stitches, 1.5" laceration (to the bone), lots of scratches, 
and a mom on the table with him, later we made it home.

Angels definitely involved in this one.


katandkarl said...

So sorry! So glad he is okay!

April said...

I bet that was the most frightening event of your life, Michelle! Poor little guy! I am so sorry what he went through! Hope and pray he heals soon! Yes, God was watching over him...no doubt about it!

Starthrower said...

Angels! I am so happy that everything will be ok. I have to tell you that today I met an angel. I thought about him all the way home. I sat down to read my blogger and found your post! If I doubted for a minute that I met an angel I don't now. Take care and beautiful pics :)

Kathy said...

That was so scary. How is Max doing? Pour guy. Stay cool and no more accidents!

panamamama said...

He's doing great. We hit the doc and dentist on Monday, after ER Sunday just to be safe. His head is swollen a bit in front, but looking good.

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