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Thursday, December 23, 2010

On Super Surprises

I left for the airport on Thursday thinking I was going to the windy city to tag along on a work trip for my hubby.   I was honestly dreading the wind and COLD temperatures (even went and bought long undies.)   We arrived at the Dallas airport to make the connecting flight and I looked up and saw the gate said "San Diego" instead of "Chicago."  ???? That's when he whipped out a jersey that said "THE BIG 40!"... (WHAT?)
Me & My Cali Buds Tailgating

We got to tailgate with my best bud and her hubby and watch the Chargers win!
Misty Del Mar Morning

I didn't miss the snow a bit, and loved hearing the waves crash on the beach at night (with the windows open!) cappuccinos on the patio,  facials, massages.... Scott spoils me and might regret it now!
Poinsettias In Bloom
 Can't believe he pulled one over on me. 
My Sweet Man
I think 40 is going to be fine. 


His Doorkeeper said...

Michelle, Scott is a "keeper"!! What a great fun trip!
Can't believe you are 40 but remember you were brand-spanking-new at our wedding and we'll be married 40 years in January!

Times flies when you're having fun!!

Fawn said...

That is very, very cool and I am very, very jealous. (Not that my hubby doesn't take me cool places.) Happy birthday! - what a great gift.

V said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!

I cannot believe he pulled that off!!

Did he pack an alternate suitcase with warmer weather clothing!!

AMAZING! What a lovely surprise!!

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

panamamama said...

A- He did pack a few things in his bag (my swimsuit and some shirts that I wear when we go to the beach when it's like 100 out.) I had taken stuff to layer with so it worked out. It was so nice there and people were walking around in winter coats making us crack up!

Jerusalem said...

so great! so glad you got to getaway and have some WARM fun!!

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