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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On Houses for Chicks

For Christmas my chickens got a new house!  
Cole and his pets
This was a long time coming.  We had hired a man to come build a coop from plans... he said it would be done by Thanksgiving.  (Two weeks after Thanksgiving he showed up and built the frame, roof, and brought the rest of the materials then never came back.)  Scott finished it in about two hours.  We still have to stain it and fix the roof (the man put the tin roof on going the wrong direction!)
Sorry for the bad pics but this shows the walkway to house

Side view so you can see the nesting box (opens to collect eggs)


Fawn said...

Hopefully this will be more attractive to them than under the deck! Looks great.

panamamama said...

So far, so good! I am making them stay in for a few days to get them used to using the nesting box and they cry everytime I go check on them! So spoiled.

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