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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On State Fair Fun

Sunday we went to church with some good friends,
then out to lunch
Good old-fashioned, 
Sunday fun!
Boys in awe
Swinging at the State Fair

Hubby trying the deep-fried Twinkies
Original or ? 

Baby Ducks Sliding
Newborn piglets

The only veggies at the fair?
I love how everyone has a favorite part of the fair.  The animals, crafts, rodeo, junk food, rides, freak shows, games, or for me just the people watching.   They had a giant yo-yo ride that was a capsule attached to bungee cords- insane.  I thought about how I would have done that about 20 years ago.  Now?  
No way.  
Especially after the junk food. 


April said...

I haven't been to a State Fair in years! Probably the last time was when I was in high school and I went to L.R. with our FHA group. For some reason, I'm really craving a corn dog right now!:)

Unknown Mami said...

What was his verdict on the deep fried Twinkies. I thought they were an urban legend.

panamamama said...

It was hilarious. We went with some friends who eat very healthy and their kids swarmed it. My daughter hated it but the deep fried oreos they all loved. They had fried Snickers too! Last year the thing was deep fried butter and chocolate dipped bacon. (I'm not kidding.) They still were selling the bacon but didn't see the butter. Wonder why...

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