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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recycling Wednesday: Lingering on An iPad

*I am totally recycling this from my book blog "What's on the Bookshelf?" Sorry...been too busy to write much this week!

OK.  So we did it.
My hubby has been pushing me to get a Kindle, or Nook, or something for awhile, telling me how un-environmentally friendly my reading habit is.  (Although 99% of my books come from the library...)  Think he just wanted this...

Yep, we got an iPad!
He's trying to tell me it was for my reading, but think he just wanted me to quit yelling at him for playing games on his iPhone at night. 

I have to admit I love it.  I didn't think I would.  I'm a bibliophile and love the smell of a stinky old book.  But this means I don't have to juggle booklights under the covers.   I don't like the Apple Reader application very much.  Books seem expensive and they don't have a huge selection that I could see.  We linked into the Kindle app and realized it is AWESOME!   I read Linger, the second in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series the first night he got it.  I've already downloaded The Tide Knot and started on it.  Something to be said for impatience.  

Linger was great too.  It was darker than the first, dealing with characters infused with self-loathing and other various mental issues, and some rock stars thrown in.  The love story gets more complicated than Shiver, with Graces' parents finally getting involved in her life (sort of.)  I was surprised at the ending, but remember there is one more book, so guess she had to let us linger (ha! Makes me think of that Cranberries' song...)


Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Oh man -- I really want an iPad. But, I keep telling myself that it is certainly not anything I need. (That's so hard though!)

Cameron said...

Everyone has been talking about those Maggie Stiefvater books!! I feel like I really need to read them!

I've been thinking about getting a Nook. I would love an iPad, but I can't pay that much right now! Maybe when I finally get to start teaching, I can buy one!!

panamamama said...

They are pretty durn cool. Bad thing is I am buying books now...
Cameron- I started her other series about fairies. Really good too. Her books are for older teens-adults. I think my 13 yr old is still way too young for them. Really sexy and this last one had more scary stuff in it. I really like her stuff. You should read the Ingo books too. My daughter and I both LOVE them!

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