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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

I thought I would be floundering a bit more this week since all my babies are in school.
No such luck.
We bought a fixer-upper to flip or rent and having crying fits so much fun cleaning, fixing, and dealing with contractor mistakes that I'm still sick about.   On top of that, fundraising joys for school.  I got six hours of volunteer time in already this week, probably more.
Yesterday, after feeling completely stressed out, I took Cole to the lake that is by the little house- the only redeeming quality I can find in it today.   The lake was beautiful but very dirty.  Kids hang out there and I found *whippits and other great things floating around.  I think I'll have my scout troop do a clean up soon. 

Happy Dog (before his swim)

I have to keep telling myself all my stresses are self-inflicted and I have total control of that.  Next week will be better.  I say so.

*FYI- Whippits are where people suck the gas from the whipped cream cans to get high.  


Kathy said...

Love your new template. It's much easier to read. I'm the same way as far as stress goes. I know it's self inflicted worrying about things. I try to keep telling myself "que sera, sera".

panamamama said...

Thanks. I still have to tweak it. I just did a generic one for now but I do like it simple. If I can figure out a header. My website I did on iMac and I really think it's easier to use. Sort of want to change my whole blog to there, but not sure.

Summer said...

Love your new bloggy look super cute BTW! It's alot of work fixing up and then flipping a house I have friends that do it and it can really get stressful and expensive if ya run into problems with inspections, etc.....I love to watch those shows on TV too....LOL

Good luck and that lake is pretty....your doggie is presh


Lizzie said...

Stopped by from SITS to say good morning. Hope you have a wonderful day.

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Love the pictures! And I was wondering what a "whippit" was! People are so stupid. Are we that desperate for a high?? Apparently so...What happened to the good old fashioned fake ID and alcohol?? ;)

I hope your next week is less stressful! I say so!

panamamama said...

I know. I have friends who have kids older than mine and they informed me of all that fun stuff a few years ago. The things people do...? I don't get it.

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