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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WordCamp Weekend

Inn at the Mill

Scott and I went to WordCamp this weekend in Fayetteville.  Now, I do have a WP blog but haven't used it yet, and thought this would help me decide whether to move my blog or not.  I attended the blogger section and Scott the developer section.  I think I needed the "baby" section because I was a bit lost honestly.  Think I was one of maybe 2 people without a laptop or iPad.  There were some great presenters!  When the acronyms started flying I knew I was in trouble.  Plus- the Twittering was out of control.  I have a Twitter ID and know how to check in, but rarely do.  The only time I have my cell phone in my hand is when I'm out of the house, which usually means I'm driving so not going to be "tweeting" anyone.   I felt like a dork because I just found out what a hashtag is.   We met some fun folks, some actually live in our neck of the woods so maybe I'll have to start chirping (tweeting, whatever.)
 (I did find out I was doing some things right that I didn't even know about which made me feel pretty good.) 

Pretty Poppies in the Square
Scott Spinning the Peace Ball

The weekend was so beautiful that we couldn't make it through all the workshops.  We'd taken our bikes so we dodged out after lunch and rode bikes from the square down Dickson street, up to the campus.  Wow has it changed since we went there!  Fayetteville itself has really changed too.  When we were up there I think there was almost nothing to do.  Now it would be hard to be a student with any money in your pocket and not be out having fun.  (Of course, I had none of that- money that is- in college!)   We drove by our old dorms, apartments, and haunts to see what they look like now. 

Old Main (University of Arkansas) 

Hugo's (Where we had our 1st official date!)

 We did make it back for the after party which was fun.  (Especially because we both won doorprizes!)

Anyway... Scott says WordPress is pretty durn cool and thinks I should switch, I think I just need a week or more to make the conversion so it will be awhile.  Hey, do any of you WP users have any tips or reasons why I should go through all this?

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Life with Kaishon said...

A lot of people just love and swear by it : ) I am pretty happy with my nice free blogger account, but to each his own. Wishing you all the best : ) So glad you had a fun weekend!

And, would you mind just popping in a link to Communal Global in your post so people can find it! We would be most appreciative! Thanks a million ba jillion!

panamamama said...

Okey dokey! Sorry, I was writing in a hurry because we took kid#1 to the doc! Let me know if I didn't link it up right.

Katie--the amazing one, not your other friend named Katie. She's amazing, too, but not the same Katie as me-- said...

I love nostalgic visits. Sometimes I want to fast forward time just to experience feelings of nostalgia. I also try to imagine what it'll feel like to think back on certain events as I'm experiencing them.

I'm glad you linked to CommunalGlobal. I've enjoyed checking out your blog.

I wish I had some WP advice.

Buckeroomama said...

I have a WordPress account, but I don't see myself moving from Blogger for the time being... I'm too much of a stick-in-the-mud. :)

His Doorkeeper said...

Every time S and I drive in to Fayetteville we say to each other, " We love it here!" We have so many memories there. Of course, it has changed a TAD since the 60's and early 70's but that's half the fun!!

Have you gone over on Davidson St. and seen your old house? The house next door was for sale (saw it in a real estate ad) for a HUGE price...!

panamamama said...

Tia Judy, No. I don't remember Davidson St. I don't think, was it the duplex? I was 3 when we moved from Hogeye- I do remember it there but not Fayetteville much. I did get by all my old dorm and apartments from when I was in college. I wondered if they looked that awful when I was there?! :)

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Nice pictures...
Hmmm...(whispering) what is a hashtag?

panamamama said...

On Twitter where you see people put #(whatever) I still don't know if I know...
Oh! Here, read this! (http://twitter.pbworks.com/Hashtags)

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