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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Meet the newest additions to our family!

The kids each got to name one... so here is

(Yet to be named)



Trying to decide whether to save these first beauties until they ripen 
or make fried green tomatoes tonight...
We found the chickies (whom I'm naming the Fates right now in honor of our Percy Jackson kick) in Beebe at the Flea Market there.    They are young and won't start laying eggs for another two to three months.   The market is amazing.  I had never been and it was like going into another country.  They had about a mile of things- a sale barn for big animals (horses, cows, sheep, goats.)  Then rows and rows of people selling whatever you wanted- movies, handmade toys, tools, saddles, cages for animals,  food, vegetables, camping gear, junk, clothes... Then another row or two of just animals.  We saw chickens of all kinds, guinea hens, geese, ducks, the biggest turkey in the world, baby goats, bunnies, a tiny baby deer that could barely stand, a little bitty racoon, puppies (all for free) and kittens (free too.)    The boys had a blast begging me for another puppy ("But he's FREE, mommy!")  and stuffing themselves with yummy Mexican horchata and popsicles.   
If you are interested in keeping pet chickens for eggs etc. check out this site


alicia said...

You guys are amazing. What my kids would give to live on a farm with real chickens!

panamamama said...

Alicia, we live smack dab in the city! Our city allows chickens for homes as long as we get a permit. I hadn't ever even touched a chicken until yesterday- wish us luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! How exciting! I'd love to have chickens, but I'm not brave enough. Love the names, and I'm interested in the market in Bebe you mentioned. Is it every weekend?

panamamama said...

Yes, I believe it's every Saturday. You get off at the first Beebe exit and just go right with the exit. At the light you turn right and you'll see the cars parked everywhere. If you can park in the Church of Christ parking lot it seemed like it was easier. Very interesting!

Emily said...

that sounds like so much fun! good luck with the chickens, and thanks for coming to visit my blog!

Unknown Mami said...

The Fates are lovely, so are those tomatoes.

Summer said...

LOL the name Dinner is funny :0)
You should just keep yet to be named....yet to be named ha!!

Love the chickens so cute :0)

Oh I am a big believer with these auto immune diseases and all the research that the sun and weather changes do trigger flares! I have a bloggy friend who's whole family has masto and her son has lots of triggers in the summer time
Here is her blog....maybe you can find some things that can help your daughter through it! :0)

It always helps me to find people going through similar stuff as me....ya know so we can talk about it, problem solve, solution, support together :0)

Summer :0)

panamamama said...

Thanks, Summer! My whole family (well, the kids and I) all have masto and it sucks. It is nice knowing we're not the only ones with "stuff." I'm gonna check out her blog now!

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