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Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot Springing It

This weekend my eldest one had to do her SCUBA open water dives for her certification.   The big event was to be held in Lake Ouachita, so we decided to make it a weekend. 
Me, being a moron when it comes to Arkansas weather (I know, STILL!  It's only been like 18 yrs since I've lived here, right?)  decided we should camp by the lake since "it will be cooler than it is in the city."  Ahem...
It was NOT.  It was HOT!  And the "neighbors" in the campsite across from us let their kids stay up SCREAMING in the bathrooms until about 3am, while they drank much liquor and talked very loud.  (Needless to say the next morning we woke up to take E to catch the diveboat and proceeded to take down the tent and I started calling hotels.)

 We rented a party barge for the day and took the boys out for some fun.  Next visit I think we'll take a boat and camp on the lake edge in the woods. 
Leaving the Marina
 Swimming with the Fishies
Jumping Off the Boat!

We hit the Mid America Museum and the Pirate Cove Mini-Golf (boys' choices.)  

 Pirate Peg-Leg Just Hanging Out
Hole in One!

Eat at J's Italian Villa if you are there!  FANTASTIC!  Hot Springs is a fun place.  Lots to do for the entire family (museums, hiking, art galleries, hot spring baths, lake, race track...)  


Summer said...

This post made me laugh! You are sooo funny! Glad ya'll had a fun time despite the HOT weather!

LOL at the pirate....

Putt Putt golf is always fun, awwwww you little one is presh swimming with the fishies

hope you are feeling well
Summer ;0)

chele said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Visiting from SITS!

Heidi Walker said...

I bet there were bugs too.

panamamama said...

Yeah, they never really "bug" me but the ticks falling on the tent roof did sort of freak me out.

Writing Without Periods! said...

I love the hammock. It looks so comfortable. Thanks for taking me on a mini vaca.
Happy July,

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