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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Writer's Workshop: 10 Things Blogging Has Taught Me

  1. If you put too much info in your blog no one will call - they will know everything you'll have to say already! (April Fools!)
  2. Not to be so critical of myself.  (It's funny because the posts I don't feel so great about are usually the ones I get the most positive comments on.  Go figure!)
  3. It's easy to lose hours of your life blogging if you aren't careful! (As I am sucked into the deep chasm that is the internet...)
  4. Dust and laundry will still be there tomorrow.
  5. There are more people like me in this world than I thought. 
  6. More people read these things than you think, so be careful what you say!
  7.  Twitter, Mr. Linky, and Widgets, are not names for someone's cats.  (But they would be, wouldn't they?)
  8. Kids can be mean when they want to fight you for computer time.
  9. I've forgotten alot some of the many hours of intensive grammar I took in college.
  10. Venting is a great thing every now and again.
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myorii said...

Haha, great list! So true about the grammar. Blogging (and even commenting) makes you forget all the proper grammar we once learned and used in school. I can totally see my English teachers wince in pain if they ever saw how I write these days!

Hmmm, Twitter, Mr. Linky and Widget would make great pet names! Wonder if someone already has a pet named one of those!

Miss Welcome said...

These are so true!!! It's hard to get out of the chasm, isn't it?

Visiting from Mama Kat's

paige said...

Number two - I love it. I sometimes wonder why people choose the things they do to post on. ODD.

Nice blog.

Christie-The ChatterBox said...

HA! Love this list! I agree with it completely! Stopping by from SITS!

Polly said...

Thanks, for stppoing by my blog. This is in response to your question:

I'm so glad you like it! To answer your questions...I haven't tried the wash away stuff, so I'm not sure how it would work. I'm guessing it would be okay for appliqueing knits since knits generally don't fray. I don't think I would attempt it with woven fabric (like typical cotton quilt fabric) because that will fray and having it more permanently stuck on will help reduce fraying. It can be helpful to use some kind of tear away stabilizer on the back. (You can find it in the notions section of a sewing store.) I haven't used it with my recent projects, but I use it a lot if I'm appliqueing for quilts. The thicker the fabric that you're decorating (the T-shirt or the skirt) the less need there is for stabilizer, and it's also not as necessary if you're doing straight stitch applique. I realized when I wrote up this tutorial, that I really need to do some basic tutorials highlighting each applique technique I use, so I can reference those for future projects rather than reshowing each technique everytime. Those will be coming in the next few weeks, so you can keep an eye out for those...and I'll have the cupcake pattern for the shirt out on Monday. I'd love to see pictures of your stuff and/or link to pics on your blog of the shirts when you get them done. Thanks!

Unknown Mami said...

Twitter, Mr. Linky, and Widgets are great pet names! Brilliant.

I'm always shocked when I write a post I feel ho hum about and then get all kinds of great comments about it. What do I know?

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

See I have a cat named Fidget - which is close to Widget! (She was originally named Gidget but was renamed in three hours because that is all she does!) That's three rhyming words I never thought I would write together!

Love your blog! Stopping by from SITS!

scrapwordsmom said...

Love your list!! What a fun blog!!! Happy SITS Sharefest today!!!

Melissa said...

Followed you over from Sits! Am now Following!

This is a cute list. What I've learned so far from blogging is that it is more about community than I could have imagined. It's been an amazing adventure so far!

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