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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kids Meals

When did it happen that kids got entirely different meals than adults?
As a child I never had that choice.  Eating out I can't really remember restaurants having kid's menus (except for McD's of course.)  Now, if you search for "Kids Meals" online you get so many sites on how to feed your kids, what kids want to eat...
My brother and I ate everything and actually liked it.  (OK, I wouldn't eat boiled shrimp, liver,  or blueberry pancakes, and still don't like them.)
Now it seems that people EXPECT kids to eat differently and bow down to it. 
I don't like that. 
How is a child supposed to appreciate good food if they don't ever taste it? 
I know many people who cook entirely different things for their children than they eat.  I refuse to do this.  My rule is "You have to try two bites.  If you hate it I'll maybe make you something else that resembles what we are eating." 
I love places with no kid's menu.  My kids look at me with big eyes- "But what do we eat then?" 
Well, you get to CHOOSE!   (And not from Pizza, Hot Dog, Chicken Nuggets, or Hamburger!)
They always love it once they get over the shock.

Check out these adorable school lunchbox ideas I found on Flickr.  


Unknown Mami said...

I'm with you 100%. They need to develop a varied palate.

goosey said...

S wanted sushi for her birthday dinner. No kids menu at a sushi restaurant! Both children pigged out on sushi rolls and edamame. I think it it was more fun than a kids meal too!

I'm pretty proud of my kids and their relative non-pickiness.

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

I know, I'm with you. My kids eat what I make for dinner and if they don't like it, I might scrounge up something else. But they have to at least try it. And most the time, they like it.

Michelle said...

I am SO with you there. I love that the wee ones will eat different things (although Mister Man has severe texture issues, but that precludes half a typical kids' menu anyway). They actually ate (and enjoyed) sushi for the first time yesterday - prior to that, they'd nibble or didn't like it. Go fig.

I've also noticed, too, that the kids menu items tend to be the less healthy options, too.

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