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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Days Part 2

It never snows much in Central Arkansas, but this year...
Two snow days in a row!

Birds hopping on the deck

Out for a walk today
Hiding in the snow

Friendly Neighborhood snowman

Making tracks 
(or Why it took us so long to walk four blocks...)

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  I might write more about it later.
I really needed these days with my four favorite people.


Danielle said...

Sweet pictures....we are having another snow storm here in PA today as well...right after our big storm this past weekend. Instead of getting all crazy about the snow I have decided to "welcome" all of the slush, puddles, etc. (check back in with me though after a day or so as I'm sure I will have changed my tune!) We have to appreciate all of the seasons right? Not just the 70 and sunny days!!

Anonymous said...

You know. the past 5 days have shown me that most moms hate the time off with their kids and it has confounded me...how nice to come here ( from SITS ) and see a mother that is glad to have time with her kids. What a blessing!

Stay warm!

Unknown Mami said...

Very friendly looking snowman!

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