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Monday, February 1, 2010

Groceries (or to Farmer's Market we go)

I've been trying for the past year or so to really attempt to buy local as much as possible. 

Market in Winter

  • When I buy local I support local farmers.
  • I get fresh, yummy produce (the grocery stores can't compare.)
  • I can get fresh, local, milk from a woman-owned dairy! 
  • I can get FRESH eggs!  (I'd still like a few chickens.)
  • I get to chat with my favorite farmers and neighbors while picking up my goods. (And in the summer the kids love the samples!)
  • I can take all my own bags and don't even have to most of the time.
  • I get fresh milk (most of the time.)
  • Our local organic farmer's market has online ordering which is awesome for a busy mom!
  • I don't spend as much on junk at the grocery store because I plan and only get what I need (especially when I order online.)
  • I don't have things going bad in the fridge because I don't use them fast enough.

  • Sometimes, when I pre-order from our local organic farmer's market online I don't get what I think I'm ordering.  (Example: I ordered "Cracked Pecans" thinking they would be well, cracked shelled pecans.  I got a bag of the shells and the pecans, not picked through.  Quite strange.)  
  • On occasion, if I pre-order online I don't get the freshest things.  (Milk has been almost sour twice and apples were so gross I couldn't make a pie even.)  *Now, if I just get it from the farmer's I can choose my own, but in the winter online ordering is sooo  much easier.
  • I spend about $1 more per gallon for milk than at the grocery store, $1 more for a dozen eggs, (but they are much better!)
  • I can't always get everything I want at the market, but I'm learning to compromise.  
  • In the summer, if I don't watch out I can spend WAY too much money. 

 Goodies from this summer's market

My goals for this year:
  • This spring I'm going to try and plant more in my tiny, shady, garden.   I want to get lettuces and spinach in early because I always forget! 
  • Also I want to utilize container gardens more so I can take advantage of the sun on my deck.  Worked great for my basils last year and some tomatoes.
  • I want to make more homemade bread and buy virtually no store bought bread.  If I can co-op with my mom we can both benefit.  (Anyone else?)
  • I want to put away more of my herbs, and try to make more things from them. (Shampoo, soap?)
  • Keep up buying at the market and only going to the grocery store for a few things.   
  • My mom has a lovely garden and I'm trying to convince her to register to sell at the organic market this year for extra income.  I need to help her in her garden more!

Mom's Summer Bounty
(She brought these for us!)

*Thanks to Jen at 11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven for featuring me this week in her "Homemaker Monday" carnival!  I'm so tickled! :)   If you haven't visited her site, check it out here!


Danielle said...

Congrats to you for being featured on another blog!! I just got home from a brand new "Whole Foods" market which is the closest thing I have around here to a farmer's market. It was awesome!!! I spent too much but it was worth it!

April said...

Anytime I have an opportunity to do some shopping at a Farmer's Market, I jump on it! Nothing quite like fresh goodness!

Susan Tipton said...

I hope you got the money back on your milk! A good friend of mine runs a small dairy. I know she would be appalled if anyone got sour milk.

MONICA-LnP said...

we have a farmers market nearby and I have never been,maybe I should to see what the difference is between that and my Trader Joes,which I love!
good luck with your goal.

sanjeet said...

found you through sits. your post made me hungry and thirsty-

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