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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Okay, I did it again. I am making a cake for my goddaughter's friends' 16th birthday party!
It's not just any cake and I am soooo stressing.
It's an Alice in Wonderland, topsy turvy cake.
Sort of like this:

What was I thinking?


Martha said...

Visiting from SITS and Wow, what a beautiful cake you are going to make. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Trish said...

Oh I must see pictures of that!

The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

What a fun cake. My dd's b-day is the end of next month - I'm going to have to keep something like that in mind. So cute. Just stopping by from SITS to welcome you aboard and to say hi! Have a wonderful New Year!

greedygrace said...

That's going to be an awesome cake!

I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

Anonymous said...

I've gotta hand it to you...You've got some major skills...Cake Boss look out! Love the beauty in confection.

Stopping in to welcome you to SITS and to wish you a Happy New Year!!

panamamama said...

Thanks all!

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