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Thursday, November 5, 2009

When the Saints Go Marching In

I experienced my first NFL game on Monday night.
I admit, I'm not a sports fan. By that I mean that I don't like to watch sports on TV or follow in team in particular. I think of it sort of like a Roman gladiator fight.
My mind might have been changed though. The energy in the arena was amazing and the people were great. Live games are so much fun!
I really hope the Saints make it to Superbowl!

When the Saints Came Marching In

Who Dat Say They Gonna Be Dem Saints?

Some great people from Alabama sitting behind us
(The husband was from New Orleans and his mom in law was threatening to make him sit in the trunk on the way home!)

I hadn't been to New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina hit them. I guess it had been 6 yrs or so for me. I was expecting the worst from what I've heard.
I've got to tell you it was wonderful. The people of N.O. are fantastic, friendly, originals!

Now to talk about what I love- FOOD!

Scott had a meeting so I walked the quarter with his co-worker's wife. We had beignets and coffee from Cafe Du Monde for breakfast. YUM!

We had lunch at Mother's Restaurant. We LOVE that place. He had a Ferdie special and raved about it. I had a bowl of seafood gumbo. Next trip I'm trying the shrimp creole.

Now for the pièce de résistance:
Orleans Grapevine was phenomenal! Scott and I both are pretty particular and this was absolutely amazing. Can't think of anything not nice to say about it. If you are in the area you HAVE to try it. Lovely!


goosey said...

Jealous. Sounds like fun....

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

I've never been to New Orleans. I'd like to, just for the food! The beignets (did I spell that right??) look amazing. Yum.

Unknown Mami said...

I had never heard or seen beignets before and now I keep seeing them everywhere. I must have some!

panamamama said...

I usually make them on Sunday mornings. Cafe du Monde has a mix that's pretty good for quicky ones. I also have a great recipe for some that you have to have rise (takes longer.) I don't remember to make them early enough usually! :) They are yummy! In Panama we have fried bread called hojaldre which is similar, just not sweet.

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