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Friday, September 18, 2009


Okay, I'm attempting a new blog linky thing from Mama's Losin' It. Head over and try it yourself!

I chose prompt #3- "Your Fall Favorites"

I am a weirdo I guess. (You already knew that though.)

I really dislike the fall.

I am trying really hard to think of something great to say about it (trying not to say I hate cold weather, shorter days, sorting through kids clothes, less sunshine, more rain, raking, higher utility bills, long pants and sleeves...)

So here it goes:

My fall favorites:

Thinking up neat costumes for my kids,

Having folks over before Trick-or-Treating,

Making gingerbread skeleton cookies,

Making Halloween decorations with the kids,

My awesome husband's birthday,

Thanksgiving break,

Beautiful sunsets (we can see Pinnacle mountain when the leaves are all down,)

The smell of pumpkin pie baking in the oven,

Thanksgiving food (especially pumpkin pie, pecan pie, cranberry relish, and olives,)

Annual trip to the pumpkin patch,
Pumpkin Patch '03 (Where are all my pics?)

Did I say pumpkin pie?


Lourie said...

I like fall. But then, I don't have to rake the leaves. I do like the longer days, but I like the cooler weather. Everything you named got me excited for the upcoming holidays. And I loved the skeleton gingerbread men. How cool!

CJ said...

Very nice post. I like fall, but I also listed a few things I could live without on my post.

My response to Mama Kat's writing workshop is HERE.

Solanaceae said...

Those cookies are VERY cool!

panamamama said...

Oh, they are so yummy too! I will post the recipe when I can find it! :)

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