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Monday, July 27, 2009

On Disney...

This September we are taking the trip that those of us with small children (and even those without) either LOVE or HATE, a.k.a.- Disneyworld. I am on the fence at the moment.

I was really excited about it at first. Who doesn't want to see their little kids eyes light up at Mickey Mouse? But, after attempting to book on Disney's wonderful website I was so frustrated. Those of you with larger families will sympathize. You can't book two rooms on one reservation! We are traveling with the five of us, plus both grandmas. Two rooms is even pushing it, but hey.

So... after finding two rooms on line at the resort I wanted I book the first, put a note for connecting rooms, paid. Went to book the second room and it froze. I called the reservation # and they said (after taking 15 or so minutes reviewing the first one) that there weren't any other rooms at that hotel! I was SO MAD. So, we adjust the dates, play with the first reservation and book the rooms.

I call back again after I realize that they have us in two different "types" of rooms so there is no way they can be adjoining. They tell me to pick a "type" waterview or not waterview. I tell them I don't care as long as they are together. They say "pick a type." I say "whatever" they get huffy with me. Great. So looking forward to Disney already.

Anyway, I get the rooms booked (waterview, still might change that one) and feel better but no airline tickets yet or dining reservations.

Find great prices on airfare and book it! (Still have to make 2 reservations because we have 7 people.)

Mom comes over and we plan the days we'll go to which park, research the restaurants and I call to make reservations. Oh, none of the restaurants I want have availability (IN SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER!) and our hotel doesn't even have room for breakfast on ANY of the days we are there. GREAT- so looking forward to this trip. I did manage to make some of the reservations- but geesh, it's free dining and they don't have room?

Also, it's DISNEY! Make sure you have decent, friendly people on the phone. Two I spoke with spoke such broken English that even my translator ears couldn't decipher it. Two others were so rude I was in shock. The last two I spoke with were very sweet and I was so happy to speak to people who were helpful and nice. (What has happened to customer service or satisfaction in this country anyway?- Don't get me started on that one.)

Does anyone have tips for where to go etc? (We are going to each park on the days they have extra hours.) Oh, we're staying at Port Orleans, Riverside.

Have reservations for these restaurants:

Magic Kingdom: The Crystal Palace for dinner with Winnie the Pooh
The Contemporary Resort: dinner at The Wave
Animal Kingdom: lunch at Tusker House
Epcot: (It's the Food and Wine fest while we are there so I'm excited about that!)
lunch at the Biergarten
dinner at Marrakesh in Morrocco

I feel better now that part is done. The little planning I'm doing will make it easier then, I hope.


goosey said...

I'm sorry, but I'm just annoyed hearing about this. My parents took S to Disney and will hopefully do the same for A. Cause I'm out!

Amy said...

We are going to DW in Sept too... Port Orleans Riverside too!!! We did get the reservations we wanted, but I called the first day I was able to do it and many of the times or days I wanted were taken and a lot of our itinerary had to be changed accordingly... but we eventually got them all... sorry you had such a hard time! When are you going? Our trip is Sept.6-13.

Sorry I didn't reply earlier to a question you asked on one of my pics on fb.. yes.. we are still homeschooling.. changed curriculum recently.. doing school all summer but will take a break or two in the fall. You doing any more hs?

panamamama said...

I know, I'm hoping the trip is better than the planning etc. What a pain.
Think I've gotten it done now- hope!

Amy, we're going Sept 29-Oct 5. You'll have to fill me in on tips when you get back! What type of tickets did you get? I had a 5 day regular, then switched to a 7 day Waterpark, then called and changed to a 7 day regular pass! ARGH. (I came out ahead though because I changed our room from a waterview to a standard.)

I've got J at home for hs preK. The other 2 are in school for now!

His Doorkeeper said...

Sounds like you all are planning for a great trip but all that planning gets weary,doesn't it?/ Are your kids back in school already?

panamamama said...

Yes, Aunt Judy-
They started back to school last Monday, but have been sick all this week!

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