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Friday, July 17, 2009

Last day of summer (or Nooooo!)

Today is the official last day of summer for my kids! I am so bummed. They start back on Monday and are not happy about it. We spent the day with grandma and cousins downtown- Heifer Project, Arkansas Game and Fish aquarium, Museum of Discovery. Fun for all!
The highlight for the boys was seeing the piranhas devour a frozen mouse. Yummo.
We go to our Open House at school tomorrow and then I guess I'll decide whether or not to put in the homeschool papers like the kids are begging me for.


April said...

Wow...and I thought my girls started to school early on August 10th! Just seems like kids don't have much of a summer break, anymore. Personally, I think they should start back in late August when it's not quite as hot.

panamamama said...

Me too!

His Doorkeeper said...

Chris and Carrie's schools start back after Labor Day. That seems right.......of course, it's so hot in Texas in August.

Can't believe all the stores are advertising "Back to School" stuff. That use to make me cry when I was teaching!!! har

panamamama said...

Yes, we had Open House today. Have to rush and get last minute supplies for school on Monday! Everyone is sad around my house today.

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