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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mud- a cure for strep throat?

Well, we don't have the swine flu going around... I was scared- we'd been at Riverfest and Chuck-E-Cheese, then E comes down with a fever of 103+ for the entire weekend. The doctor swabbed her throat and both she and J have strep. We opted for the shot, but she still has a fever (but it's lower now.) Explains why J wanted chocolate pudding.

M came home and went right outside. E & J asked if they could catch some rays too and of course I said "Yes." This is what I saw when I looked outside. Needless to say they had to strip to come in and get right in the bath. (And the dog was muddier than they were.)
And now to be grossed out...

My tub AFTER I rinsed it when they got out. Guess we know what I'm doing tonight, and tomorrow...

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