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Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Baby!- January 9th, 2008


10 weeks old

We have a new baby! His name is Cole, and he is a gorgeous black lab.

We found him on www.freecycle.org a wonderful site/community that I highly recommend. It’s a system where if you have something to give away you can post it and people just come get it. We even had our garage/lean-to torn down through freecycle! It always reminds me of that 60’s movie about the IRS collector who goes to this family’s house and tries to audit them (where he ends up marrying the daughter.)

What is the name of that movie...

We’ve given away most of our baby things via the site too. Also have gotten some neat things (roller blades for Emily, African thumb piano.) Speaking of baby things, I forgot what it was like to have a puppy! He is really bad about eating things he finds around. As I write I’m saying

“Cole- don’t eat that plant!”

“Cole don’t knock over that 20lb bag of dog food!”

Our last dog, Matty didn’t even weigh 20 lbs.

“COLE, get out of the plant!”

Uh, oh, I think I need to read up on dog training...

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