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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

On Warm Bellies on a Snow Day (Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe)

My kids are picky.  
I mean seriously picky.  
A lot has to do with sensory processing issues, and the rest from sheer stubbornness I think.   I really don't understand it at all because as a kid I lived to try new foods.  My brother and I would beg for octopus or artichokes.  Things that I really didn't know other kids didn't want too.  
One thing my picky kids do like is Indian Food.   (Go figure.)  I guess the vegetables are sometimes so well hidden or changed with spices that they forget they are there?
Anyway, we have had a long weekend compounded with a snow day and we were all bored of the same old food, so I decided to make Chicken Tikka Masala for lunch yesterday.  

FYI, after a bit of research I realized that Indian Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala are actually the same thing, just in Butter Chicken the meat is usually left over and cut into cubes!  

I came up with this recipe.  I made it a bit on the un-spicy side because I wanted the younger three to enjoy it.  (Also left out onions which most recipes have.) I love Penzey's spices and order most of my spices from them online.  Their Tandoori Spice worked really well in this dish because it had much of what I wanted and nothing extra: coriander, cumin, sweet paprika, garlic, ginger, cardomom, and saffron. 
bottle of Penzey's Tandoori Seasoning
*And no I'm not sponsored by Penzey's, but would love to be! :)

                  This is what I call "Chicken Quickka Tikka Masala."

Chicken Tikka Masala

It was really easy and turned out great!  And best of all... EVERYONE ate it!
*I don't have a "go to" naan recipe yet.  I just googled "naan" and made one.  I'll try and get a good one and post it later! 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

On Indy & Windy

Last weekend we took off for my eldest to audition at a college ballet program in Indianapolis.   We were expecting COLD weather and snow, but somehow luck was on our side and the weather was about the same as it was here when we left - about 37 to 34 or so.  (Didn't even have to break out the new long underwear we'd bought!) 

The younger ones and I toured the Indianapolis Museum of Art while she did her audition.  It was free!  We even got free parking because our art museum here has reciprocal membership. Fantastic museum and we only got to see two floors before we had to meet back with dad and Emily at Butler. It was a beautiful campus and the people are so incredibly nice.  Now to wait and see if she gets in!

After Indy we drove to Chicago for a fantastic welcome weekend for prospective students at SAIC (the art institute.)  She was accepted there with a pretty good scholarship, and being one of the best art schools in America we decided it was worth the time.  I'm so in awe of the school!  I wish they had dance also, BUT Jeoffry Ballet and Chicago Ballet are within walking distance so I think she'd be able to take some classes if she decides to go there.

Chicago was not bad as far as weather goes either and we got to walk around a bit and hit some of the top kid spots (Science Museum, Millenium Park, Lego store...)

We stayed at another Historic Hotel, the Palmer House Hilton.  We try to stay in Historic Hotels (if they have rooms large enough for the six of us) wherever we can.  The prices are usually not any more than a "box" hotel and you get a totally different experience. 

No matter where she chooses, it was a fun trip! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

On Being an "Older" Mom

A question I'm getting a lot these days is "What's it like?"
Meaning: what is it really like to be a new baby mom when you're over 40?

I am so grateful to my friends who came forward when I was pregnant with Aimee and told me "I was your age when I had my youngest."  or "I was older than you when I had mine."  They are all people I already admired as being super "cool" moms and didn't even know that they were older than I am!  Gives me hope that maybe one day I'll be a "cool" mom! :)

The truth as I see it:

The Bad:
    1. I'm probably never going to be a size 2 again 
    2. Being really tired (eat right and/or take vitamins!)
    3. Not getting anything everything done
    4. Knowing I'll be ____ years old when she's ____.
    5. I have to write stuff down or I forget (EVERYTHING)
    6. Medical professionals will treat you like you are crazy and/or an old lady (AMA on your file) and your kids' teachers will be old enough to be your kids too
The Good:
    1. I don't care if I'm a size 2 anymore.
    2. I can take a nap and not feel guilty
    3. Dishes in the sink, laundry not done? It gets easier to accept, there will be time later
    4. Staying young at heart! 
    5. Saying "no" to the extras is so much easier
    6. I know how to tell people what I expect and need 

Picture of me and my baby girl

I cherish every single minute. 

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